Three Types of Crytpo at Bitcoin ATM Locations in San Antonio, TX

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Financial Services

If you are interested in investing in a decentralized currency that is recognized around the world, cryptocurrency is definitely something you should be interested in. One of the most convenient and safe ways to purchase crypto is at one of the Bitcoin ATM locations in San Antonio TX. The following are the three types of currency you commonly find for sale at most Bitcoin ATMs.


This is the most popular and recognizable name in the cryptocurrency market. The currency saw a meteoric rise in value during the 2010s, making some people rich and others wishing they hadn’t sold theirs. Bitcoin is a surefire bet for the future if you wish to invest or just want to have a quick and safe way to make purchases online.


Ethereum is both a currency and a programming language, so it is used to make decentralized applications that two users can use to make a financial transaction without an added third party. There are other open-source decentralized software programs. Ethereum is by far the biggest and most important one.


Litecoin is very similar in design and application to Bitcoin. It does have two distinct advantages over it, though. First, it provides a faster transaction speed. Secondly, the language will provide a higher number of coins than Bitcoin. This means it may not become as valuable on a per coin basis as Bitcoin, but it could be more widely used.

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