Who Should Consider Estate Planning in Dublin, GA?

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Financial Services

Estate planning is all about making sure that your wishes are fulfilled after your passing. It involves drafting a will, appointing someone to manage your affairs in the event you’re incapacitated, naming guardians for minor children, and even minimizing estate taxes. Although estate planning is essential for everyone, there are specific groups that must consider certified wealth management carefully.

This post delves into who should consider estate planning in Dublin, GA.

Parents with Minor Children

Parents who have children under the age of eighteen must create an estate plan so their kids can be well taken care of if they pass away before their children reach adulthood. In your estate plan, name a legal guardian who will take care of your children if you can’t. Don’t assume that a particular family member or friend will automatically step in; it’s best to make it legal in case of the unexpected.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs who own businesses should consider estate planning in Dublin, GA, especially if the company is their primary source of livelihood. An estate plan can protect your business from creditors and help ensure that it continues to run after your death. Passing your enterprise to a family member, friend, or chosen beneficiary through an estate plan can prevent your business from winding up, but it takes careful planning.


Homeowners should also consider estate planning, especially if they have real estate that is not in the same state as their residence. If you own property outside Georgia, you need to plan to avoid probate and minimize property transfer taxes. An estate plan can also help reduce taxes and protect your property from creditors.

Parents of Kids with Special Needs

Estate planning is critical for parents who have children with disabilities. Special needs planning can help prevent your children from losing access to public benefits programs that supplement their care and treatment. You can create a special needs trust in your estate plan to make sure that your child has the care they need if you’re not there to provide for them.

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