3 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Your Car Insurance in Maine

When was the last time that you paid any attention to the provisions of your car insurance policy? If you can’t remember, that’s a sign you should sit down and go through the plan carefully. Here are a few reasons why a thorough review of your car insurance in Maine matters.

Insurance needs change over time. Are you sure that the current scope of coverage is adequate for today? Could it be that you’re paying for some protections that you no longer need, or possibly should add some other coverage to the plan? Unless you review what’s already in place, you will never know.

Along with the protections found in the current policy, there’s the matter of cost. Are you paying more for the insurance than necessary? Assuming the policy does cover all of your needs, compare the pricing with offerings from other providers. You’ll either confirm that the present setup is perfect, or that you could enjoy the same protections elsewhere for less.

Did you know that you may be eligible for discounts today that were not available to you in the past? Changes like no longer needing to drive an hour each way to get to work, or moving to an area of town that’s considered less of a risk may mean the premium can be adjusted. Until you look into the possibility, the rates for your car insurance in Maine will remain at the same level.

The bottom line is that evaluating your car insurance every couple of years is a smart move. Take a look at the plan today, and see what you think. It may be time to talk with an agent about making a change. For more information, please contact the Cole Harrison Agency today.