Enroll in the Healthcare Marketplace Designed for Atlanta Residents

When the time for open enrollment comes along, you can get health insurance on your own or you can enroll in the marketplace that Atlanta, GA, residents can use. Either way, you’ll get health coverage that meets the federal mandates for the level of insurance you need.

Explore New Options

Even if your current plan will automatically re-enroll you for the coming year, it’s still worth shopping around. If you qualify for a subsidy, it might go up or down and impact how much coverage you can get. Also, with new plan options available every year, there’s always a chance of getting better coverage for the same price. You just won’t know unless you look around.

Avoid Tax Issues

There can be tax penalties for not having health insurance coverage, but there can also be consequences for not having enough. Also, if your income is misrepresented or changes, then your subsidy for coverage might go up or down over the course of the year. If you get too much subsidy for your coverage, then you might have to wind up paying back the overage when you file your taxes the next year. Making sure you get the right level of coverage through a marketplace helps you avoid such issues.

Be Ready for the New Year

Whether you want to make sure you have health insurance or are just looking to avoid the tax penalties, visit https://georgiahealthinsurancemarketplace.com/ to enroll in the marketplace that Atlanta, GA, has available.