How to Leverage Your Overseas Sales Through Insurance

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Financial Services

Credit insurance provides several important benefits to your overseas trade. It helps boost sales, protects you against the risk of non-payment, is a great financing tool and reduces bad debt. Should you regularly expect to offer short-term credit to your international customers across worldwide approved markets, you may need to discuss trade credit insurance with a professional organization, to protect your overseas obligations.

Do You Understand Your Overseas Risks?

Although it’s important to do your own research, your trade credit insurance providers can provide more insight and in-depth information about the country where you expect to trade.

The size of the oversize deal is an important reason to consider applying for trade credit insurance. When a debt becomes difficult to recover in the US, at least it is easy to use professional resources to try and chase the debt to minimize your risk. When you deal overseas, apart from the obvious language barriers, the laws will differ and you may not find it as easy to recover debts.

Increase Overseas Sales

When the overseas company understands that you are using credit insurance to remove much of the risk from the deal, they may feel more comfortable increasing the size of their order, and build a better business relationship.

As you attempt to penetrate new markets across the globe, it’s a good idea to always have some plan to mitigate potential risks and maximize profits. As you free up cash flow and are able to provide better terms to your potential buyers, you will encourage them to buy larger orders and continue to grow your business relationship.

Understanding the risks involved is vital to the continuation of your company’s overseas trade. By collaborating with your trade credit insurance provider, you gain the advantage of having their knowledge, experience, and guidance to assist you in your exporting success.

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