Real Estate Judgments – How to Get Rid of Them

Do you own real estate judgments? When a debtor defaults on his or her owed debt, the owner of that debt can take steps to pursue collections. In some cases, you may be awarded a judgment. This means the court agrees that you are owed the funds. You may even feel confident this is finally moving forward. That is until you learn that they still have yet to pay you. If you wish to sell judgment property like this with the help of real estate judgment services, you can get out from under this situation. And, you can get cash in hand.

Is Now the Time?

What many people do not recognize, even after spending a significant amount of money, is that collecting on your debt is very difficult to do. This means you may not be able to get those funds for a long time. And, only 20 percent of all judgment liens are ever collected. Can you really continue to wait for this to happen?

You Do Have an Option

When you work with Mayflower Judgments Company, our team offers solutions for you. We specialize in judgment purchasing. We purchase the judgment for you, you get cash in hand, and you do not have to wait any longer to move forward. A complete judgment purchase service for cash is available to help you to move past this situation and on to a better opportunity.

Real estate judgments are common but just having this judgment does not often help you to get the funds you need. If you sell judgment liens like this, you open the door to getting cash in hand for your investment. It is key to work with a trusted and experienced real estate judgment services provider. This ensures you get the best outcome.

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