Three Types Of Car Insurance in Everett

In every state except New Hampshire, drivers have a legal responsibility to purchase insurance for their vehicles. Drivers cannot legally register a vehicle unless they can show proof of insurance. This law was designed to protect drivers if they were involved in an accident that was another driver’s fault. When all drivers are required to have car insurance, and there is an accident, the driver who caused the accident will have the coverage necessary to compensate the other driver. When it comes to car insurance Everett, there are a few types of policies that drivers can purchase.

Full Coverage/Comprehensive

This is the type of car insurance that provides the most coverage. Not only does it protect the other driver if the person who holds the insurance causes the accident, but it will also cover the responsible driver as well. This is the most costly type of car insurance. Drivers who have outstanding car loans are required to purchase a comprehensive policy. This will protect the lender should the driver damage or total the vehicle.


This is a less expensive type of insurance. If a driver were to cause an accident, it would cover only the vehicle that they hit, its occupants, and any property damage. Any damage to their own vehicle would need to be paid out of their pocket.

Uninsured Motorist

This is a type of insurance that can be added to either full coverage or liability insurance for the following reasons.

  • Unfortunately, some drivers do not obey the law. They will let their insurance policy lapse, leaving them with no coverage if they cause an accident. When this happens, a driver’s uninsured motorist will cover any damage caused by a driver who is not insured.
  • If a driver is a victim of a hit and run, this insurance will cover any damages.
  • If a driver lets someone drive their car who is not on the policy, and that person causes an accident, the uninsured motorist will cover the damage to both vehicles.

It is the law that registered drivers carry Car Insurance Everett. Many companies provide different rates, so drivers looking to purchase a policy should visit domain URL.